Hello beauties,

I’m here to make a special announcement. August 15th is National Relaxation Day and I’ve made it my duty to invite you to celebrate this most important holiday by reminding you that you deserve to pamper yourself.

If you follow me on Insta Stories you know that I take self-care very seriously and do my best to indulge in a little R&R whenever possible. Last weekend, I spent me time soaking in a bubble bath with bath oils, (because I’m extra) and watched a series of empowering TED Talks. Yes, that’s my idea of relaxation!

To mix the perfect bath I used Kneipp’s Pure Bliss Red Poppy & Hemp bubble bath and Kneipp’s Relaxing Lavender bath oil! But I didn’t stop there, I also gave my skin a much needed boost with a face mask: Kneipp’s Lady’s Mantle face mask to be exact. It was divine!



5 Reasons Why You Should Make Time for Self-care

I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living, you deserve to disconnect and pamper yourself!

Here’s why:

  1. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others.
  2. Life is full of stressful situations, having me time to look forward to will make them more bearable.
  3. You do so much on a daily basis, you deserve to take time for yourself.
  4. Society is obsessed with productivity but we are designed to follow the rhythm of work and rest.
  5. Self-care in an investment in your future because it helps unlock creativity and innovation.

To help you slow down and show yourself some love, Kneipp is giving YOU a discount on all their oils starting today through August 15th. Take advantage of it, now!


Need some help navigating the selection? Here are 3 honorable mentions: 

“Joint & Muscle” – Kneipp Arnica Massage Oil, $23.

Ingredients: Arnica, ginger extracts, Shea butter, sunflower oil and almond oil.

What it does: nourishes, relaxes and moisturizes the body. It is also a great post-workout remedy because it helps relieve pain and inflammation from joints and muscles, while also relaxing the body.


“Relaxing” – Kneipp Lavender Massage Oil, $23.

Ingredients: Natural lavender essential oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.

What it does: helps calm and relax the body and mind, improves mental well-being, promotes better sleep and eases pain and tension. It also nourishes and hydrates the skin. 


“Soft Skin” – Kneipp Almond Blossom Massage Oil, $23. 

Ingredients: Almond oil.

What it does: provides intense nourishment to the skin, supports the natural regulation of skin moisture and is good for sensitive skin.


Everybody say om!

Head over to Kneipp.com or to a Kneipp location in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. to get your self-care on!

Stay Conscious & Chic!