Melissa Nepton presented her Fall / Winter 2014 collection at World Master Card Fashion Week. Her creations were glamorous yet sporty faithful to her signature style. The collection was a mixture between pop couture and urban comfort. She used different textures to create contrasts. I absolutely loved the last piece: a burn-out tattoo dress.

I had a 5 minutes chat with Nepton after the show. We spoke about the show, partnerships and motherhood.  After you enjoy the collection, you can read 3 of the questions I had for Melissa!



F.W.A.C.: Montreal Fashion Week did not take place this season but you decided to show your collection on your own at the Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Montreal and show it in Toronto as well. Do you think that every designer should do the same?

M.N: In Montreal, I fell in love with the Auberge Saint-Gabriel and that’s where I shot the photo shoot for next season. Showing in Toronto is very expensive alone. But I think that Toronto is important because when you are here you can get lots of media coverage from Vancouver to Halifax, etc. In Montreal, it’s more French and local media. So, if you want to spend your money, I think it’s better here.

1964888_10153949590165052_823704457_nF.W.A.C.: You have an ongoing partnership with Hush Puppies. Why is this brand a good choice for Melissa Nepton?

M.N: Hush Puppies are very comfortable and stylish at the same time. This season, I tried to be more uniform that’s why I tried this boot. I kept the same mentality: the girls need to be comfortable and chic at the same time…like me!

F.W.A.C.: Changing speeds. You are getting used to being a new mom. What has been your biggest challenge?

M.N: I’m always tired! It’s a big challenge for real. But at home I’m so happy and at the office I’m really happy too. I work from 9am – 5pm everyday so I try to respond to my emails when she’s sleeping. It’s a good balance but I’m always tired and I think I’m going to be tired all my life.

Stay Conscious & Chic!

signature black and pink



Photo Credits: Paul Ross for Opique / Top of the runway for Fashion With A Conscience.