In celebration of Earth Day, we here at B.W.A.C have decided to dedicate the next few weeks to things from the earth that can help improve your skin and your health.  We wanted to start with giving you some information about great natural products that can be used for different skin and hair issues.  Let us know what some of your DIY natural beauty secrets are in our From your lips section.  Also check out some natural at home remedies that work!

Target: Face/ Problem: Excessive Dryness, Eczema and Psoriasis

EMU OIL – Not all emu oil on the market is “refined”, so we must warn consumers to beware.  Emu Oil is an all-natural substance which exhibits anti-inflammatory and significant wound healing activity.  It is used on burn patients and is known to significantly reduce recent keloid scarring; it is used as a warm-up rub prior to exercising and sports, and is used by doctors worldwide.  Many folks use it as a relief for psoriasis, eczema, age-spot reduction, stretch mark reduction, roseola, rosacea, and keratosis.  It is a “must have” for every household medicine chest.  Got an insect bite?  Reach for the emu oil!

Known as the newest anti-aging emollient, you’ll want to add it to your daily beauty routine.  As a “tissue nutrient”, emu oil’s deep penetration abilities, moisturizes skin, leaving it soft, supple and young-looking.  Helps against and to alleviate wrinkles and age spots.  Your skin will just LOVE the nutrition received from daily use of emu oil, emu oil facial creams, and emu oil lotions.  Additionally, emu oil soap does not dry out the skin like commercially produced chemically noxious soaps can do.   Emu Oil does not clog pores! Shampoos and hair conditioners that contain Emu Oil will gently cleanse your hair and moisturize it, giving it added body and shine – especially great for dry, over-worked hair.

SESAME SEED OIL – The edible seeds of an East Indian herb yield a pale yellow oil which is an excellent skin softener. Aids in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Excellent for all skin types.

Target: Face/ Problem: Acne and Discoloration from breakouts

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – a natural antioxidant, green tea extract is a natural astringent and is effective in treating troubled skin and breakouts.

ROSEMARY EXTRACT – From the aromatic rosemary shrub with scaly bark and leathery needle-like leaves, yields a pungent pine-like aroma with a woody, camphor note. Used for centuries, rosemary is a physical and mental stimulant. It stimulates cell renewal, and in beauty products, it is used to clear acne and blemishes, improve circulation and can reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins.

LEMON OIL – Obtained from the fresh peel of the Citrus Lemon tree. Known for its astringent and anti-irritant qualities, lemon oil also imparts shine to the hair when added to hair products. Also valued for its characteristic sweet, fruity, refreshingly clean, lemony fragrance. Lemon oil is fairly inexpensive because it is produced quite simply and cheaply; about 1,000 lemons will yield a pound of lemon oil. Balances overactive sebaceous glands that lead to oily, blemished skin. Clears, and enlivens the complexion. Also effective in treating brittle fingernails and in general hand care.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Pyrus Malus. A sour, sharp-tasting liquid containing acetic acid. Produced from the fermentation of the juice of various fruits or berries, or from honey, molasses, or even cereal grains as in malt vinegar. Cosmetic vinegar, also called toilet vinegar, has been used as a complexion aid for centuries. Vinegar closes pores and preserves or restores the skin’s natural acidity (pH balance). Vinegar keeps both oily and dry complexions soft and fresh and can combat the ravages of alkaline soaps and make up.

Check out our D.I.Y. at home facials that use a lot of products that are found in and around the home.  Stay beautiful Belles!