I’m so excited to share this post with you. A lot of you often ask me questions about wearing and mixing prints. I created this look with you in mind. In it I am not only mixing prints but I am also using different textures and accent details.

The mix of florals in this outfit is refreshing. I chose florals in the same color family to make things easier for people who might be beginning to experiment with prints. I then, coordinated the prints with a blue (which can be found in the prints) top with a gold zipper detail in the back to add complexity to the look but toned everything down with a pair of black heels.

Since I already featured this Pixie Mood Convertible Backpack, I wanted to have a little fun with the look! Did I succeed?

In my previous Pixie Mood post, I had a great time sharing a few facts about me with you so I thought I’d do it again with a new set of facts. Enjoy!

10 Random Facts About Me

#1 I speak 4 languages.

#2 My favorite color is red.

#3 Currently reading: The Heist by Chris Durso.

#4 I love watching TED Talks: Here are some faves {LINKS}

#5 I loved doing oral presentations as a kid hence why I’m a speaker today.

#6 I’ve lived in 3 countries: Canada, Netherlands and the United States.

#7 Outside of blogging / content creation, I am a brand strategist & graphic designer.

#8 In high school I was an athlete: I ran track, played basketball and rugby.

#9 I love washing dishes. I find it quite therapeutic.

#10 I love cooking and baking.


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Stay Conscious & Chic!