As the temperatures start to cool down, my wardrobe will inevitably fade to black. It’s no secret that I love wearing black especially to travel. Wearing black on the move makes my life so much easier because it is classic, stain-proof and matches my luggage like the piece I am featuring, today.

The Amy Weekender vegan leather bag by Pixie Mood is the perfect compliment to my travel uniform. I take this stunner with me on trips because it’s fabulous and because of its size. It is the ideal carry-on. It easily fits all my tech, books, beauty must-haves and sweater for the flight. I also love how it matches my travel uniform because of its burgundy ombre pattern fading to black.

10 random travel facts about me.

#1 I never check-in luggage. I only travel with carry-ons.

#2 I pack outfits instead of items.

#3 I take pictures of my outfits before packing them so I can refer back to them when it’s time to get dressed instead of trying to remember what I packed.

#4 Upon arrival to my destination, I have to unpack. I hate rummaging through a suitcase.

#5 I often book one way tickets to my desired destination and then book a return after I get there.

#6 I’ve lived in 3 different countries: Canada, Netherlands and United States.

#7 Countries I’ve visited but have not lived in: Spain, Germany, France, UK, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Haiti and Belgium.

#8 Countries I’d like to visit within the next 3 years: Thailand, Bali, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Japan.

#9 I like writing blog posts and editing content when I travel. It gets my creative juices flowing.

#10 I prefer traveling to places where I know people so I can get the “local” experience versus the “tourist” experience.


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Stay Conscious & Chic!






Photo Credits: Dara Freeman.