Lady business, mother nature’s gift, crimson tide, red badge of courage…

No matter what your code name is for your period, surviving shark week can be challenging to say the least. She’s been around since the beginning of time and each woman’s experience with her is different. I’ve been dealing with her since the age of 12 and we’ve since become great friends. Please note that I only experience minimal cramps, therefore cannot speak to more severe medical issues. I do not take pain killers or use heating pads although I’ve heard they do wonders for many women who have painful periods. Since I’ve already had my first period of 2018, I thought I would share a few tips  on how you can not only survive but thrive during THAT time!


The first thing I do to make my period has peaceful as possible is use the MyFlo app. It was created by Alisa Vitti, functional nutritionist, founder of and author of WomanCode. Diagnosed with PCOS, she healed herself naturally from cystic acne, excess weight, infertility, and normalized her period. She created the app to help women track their period, balance their hormones and lead healthier lives overall.

MyFlo’s interface is very easy to use and the health tips it in work. The app gives recommendations on nutrition, exercise, focus, love and hormones. I like that Vitti explains each phase of the cycle as it pertains to hormone levels and its effects on the brain. I recommend this app because its insights on how I might be feeling during each phase, follicular, ovulation, luteal or menstrual, have been spot on thus far. The Myflo app also tracks my period and lets me know the exact date of my next period which is always helpful. I can trust the MyFlo calendar because I am regular. In the past I used to wing it but I’m loving this new life.


According to MyFlo app, hormone levels decline quickly to their lowest concentrations and energy is also at its lowest during the menstrual phase. Knowing that your body is fully engaged in the very difficult work of putting together everything needed to create a human being is crucial. Resting and taking naps is nothing to feel guilty about while your body eliminates. This process is no joke so give your body the care it needs to succeed. Flow with it and feed your body on every level: mental, spiritual and physical. Don’t beat yourself down if you don’t accomplish as much as you are used to the rest of the month. This brings me to my next point.


I will not beat around the bush. If you want to relax guilt-free during that time of the month, you should work harder in the weeks leading up to it. Those three weeks are essential. Surpass what is expected of you: complete projects ahead of time, push your body at the gym, meal prep and keep a tight budget.

During your period, allow yourself to eat out, healthy of course, to alleviate the task of cooking. Make sure your laundry and other house chores are already done so you can devote more time to self-care. Let your loved ones, significant other know when shark week is coming so they can prepare for the wrath that is about to descend upon them. Just kidding, but seriously, let them know what you are experiencing.


Did you ever stop to ask yourself: “What is in a tampon?” Probably not. Well, if you were to research it, you would be shocked! In fact, I’m sorry to inform you that tampons and pads contain harsh chemical and toxins such as dioxin which is a known carcinogen. The seemingly simple cotton contraptions can also contain pesticides, artificial dyes, chlorine bleach, GMOs and synthetic fibers. In addition, the majority of pads on the market are made of crude oil plastic which is unhealthy for you and makes their disposal dangerous for the environment. Lastly, feminine hygiene producers are not required to list the ingredients used to make their products.

100% Organic, chemical-free tampons and pads enter stage left.

For all the reasons listed above, I recommend you switch to using 100% Organic feminine hygiene products like the ones offered by Kali Boxes. Kali Boxes is a monthly subscription service which delivers tampons, pads, panty liners, wipettes and relaxing pampering products directly to your door. You can choose the size box you want as well as the items you want included in your package.

The products come in a beautiful box. I like the metallic foil logo and leaf print inside the box, it is very refreshing. Also included in the presentation is an inspirational postcard. Since I love motivational quotes, this inspiring touch is right up my alley.

In addition to providing us with safe feminine hygiene products, Kali Boxes gives back to less fortunate women. For each Kali box purchased they donate sanitary products to homeless shelters throughout the US with the help of their partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, Girl Up.

The subscription price range from $16 – $22.89 per month. You can choose to get a new box each month or every other month.  Long gone are the days of frantically asking friends for a tampon /pad during this already challenging time. I highly recommend you give Kali Boxes a try. You can pause or cancel at anytime so, why not?


Okay, you don’t have to wear lipstick per se but do take the time to care for yourself in some way. It is so easy to roll out of bed and into the closest pair of sweat pants when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Resist the temptation to let yourself go. Wear the cute outfit, bedazzled shoes and lipstick. Anything that will make you feel beautiful instead of meh. You would be surprised by how paying attention to your appearance can change your mood for the better.

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Stay Conscious & Chic!