February is my favorite month of the year for multiple reasons. First, it is Black History month. Second, fashion season begins in February with New York Fashion Week. If that wasn’t enough, my birthday also falls in this short yet powerful month. What’s not to love? Lastly, there is this holiday called Valentine’s Day which is a pretty big deal for lovers.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, flowers, candy and crowded restaurants. If you’re not careful the potentially magical night can turn into a real drag! Not so for you, though! If you are still on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your love bug, I might be able to help.

First off, you can do better than chocolates and flowers. I’m not telling you not to get the chocolates and the flowers because, trust me, she will probably want those too. What I am suggesting, however, is to add a special gift to better express how you feel. This will go a long way. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into her world here is key. Study her, browse through her social media and ask around to determine just the right gift.  Put more effort than ever before in this Valentine’s Day and earn yourself extra brownie points. You can thank me later!

Here are a few gift ideas from seven of my favorite self-care and jewelry brands.

Self-care Gift Ideas

Self-care is the trend of-the-moment but I hope, for all our sakes, that it is here to stay. Taking time off to pamper and rejuvenate herself is very important. Giving her the gift of self-care and the time to be refreshed will communicate that you care about her wellbeing. It will also do wonders for your relationship because as they say: “Happy wife, happy life”, this also applies to girlfriends!


Organic Bath | 100% Organic and fair-trade. Learn more. 

PeaceFull Gift Set, $57

Self-Care Gift Set, $89

Beauty Sleep Gift Set, $105


Osea Malibu | Natural, vegan, cruelty-free and organic. Learn more. 

Undaria Body Soft Set, $84

Body Exfoliation Set, $84

Brightening Boost, $98


Phlur | Sustainable, cruelty-free and 1% for the planet. Learn more.

Candle, $68

Fragrance (Full-size), $88

The Fragrance Experience, $100

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, nothing says: “I love you (or I like you a lot)” like bling does! In addition, jewelry is a great gift for long term relationships because it is a constant reminder of your love.


Bario Neal | Ethical, eco-friendly and handcrafted.

Sol Hoops, $145

Aldine Band, $231

Gale Rose Cut Diamond Ring, $2,518


Giada Giachino | Handmade and Sustainable. Learn more. 


Per Inciso Ring, £90

Aka Stud Earrings, from £120

Sciacca Choker, from £210


Simply Nature Biojewels | Sustainable, handcrafted, ethical and charitable. Learn more.  

Natural Bull Hoof Leaves, 3 Layered Strings Necklace, $209

Tuia Leaf Ring, $182

Magnolia Leaf Bracelet, $306


FrancyJewel | Handmade and customizable. Learn more. 

‘Wishes Do Come True’ Engraved Ring, (See price on website)

Green Agate Ring, (See price on website)

Handmade, Custom Engraved Cuff, (See price on website)


Happy shopping and most importantly, happy valentine’s day!

Stay Conscious & Chic!